A Perfect Way for Attorneys to Bolster Their Reputation in the Online Community

Attorneys to Bolster Their Reputation in the Online Community

Today’s market is seeing more and more industries turning towards the online community to showcase their products, services or companies to the ever growing internet based marketplace. It’s no wonder that the internet is becoming the haven for every bit of information about any given industry: from taxi services to grocery’s, from finding a health professional to searching for your next place to eat: business people of every profession are taking to the web to solve their professional’s needs. The world of litigation is no longer solely relying on word-of-mouth referrals or random inquiries: people are researching before they even contact a potential attorney.

There are several ways that a business-minded legal professional can begin to use the power of the internet to their favor, and here at HireMeLegal.com: we know a thing or two about setting yourself apart from the competition.


An online presence is a cornerstone of any successful online business. Your website is an extension of your business and has the potential to reach hundreds of people wishing to engage your firm to help represent them with any part of their litigation. Somethings to always include in your website:

  • Contact Information
  • Social Media Links
  • An ‘About Us’ Section
  • Static content about your area of expertise
  • A regularly updated blog
  • Reviews/Testimonials

These elements are standard for anyone wanting to excel in the online marketplace, garnering steady attention from large search engines like Google and Bing; as well as allowing more and more opportunities to link back to your website from social media and affiliate sites.


For those wanting to take their online presence to the next level: a solid marketing strategy is key. Plenty of websites offer listing capabilities for legal professionals to register their firm on an online directory, and many of them offer the opportunity to feature your business ahead of your competition; of course, that comes at a price.

If you plan on being your marketer, figuring out the means by which you’d like to market and your budget are instrumental to success in the online market. Affiliate sites, PR articles, social media ads, Google and Bing advertisements, remarketing, etc… are all avenues by which you can begin marketing.

The beginning is always the most difficult part because you have to tailor your ads towards your audience; and if you don’t know who to target, the trial-and-error process can be a little daunting; but once a successful audience has been discovered you can begin focusing on regular engagement.

Social Media

Social media is the means by which the public can directly communicate with companies to voice complaints/concerns/inquiries/reviews/compliments to their favorite or least favorite businesses. It’s a fickle platform that can either garner you tremendous success or instant mockery. That’s why it’s always important to research other in your area first, before jumping into your chosen social media. Take note of important topics, regular content, interactions between clients and legal professionals and start to form your own ‘voice’ for your professional profile.

As with anything online regularly updated content is key to staying relevant in the fast moving social media communities: this goes hand in hand with response to any comments, questions, reviews, etc… that you receive on your profile.


Once you’ve garnered the attention of potential clients, it’s important to show them that you have experience in your area of specialization. An easy way to do this is by asking satisfied clients to leave a review on your website and various professional profiles. People are becoming more and more adept at deciphering between obviously fake reviews and legitimate ones, so don’t leave yourself an overly flowery review because that can hinder your credibility more than anything.

Online, you have the opportunity to reach hundreds of potential clients and engage them instantly and seal the client/lawyer relationship immediately. HireMeLegal.com is designed to take everything that leads to success online in one easy to use platform for both clients and legal professionals.

HireMeLegal.com allows for lawyers to create a free profile that they can tailor to geographic location, price range, an area of specialty, links to professional profiles and websites. Once the profile has been created, HireMeLegal.com sends regular correspondence on potential cases that may interest you and any cases that have been specifically sent to you by a client.

From there, lawyers have the opportunity to engage with a client in every way possible, from sending confidential correspondence and documents, to accepting payment for hours worked: HireMeLegal.com is the one-stop-shop for finding legal work and help. If you’d like to learn more about this innovative platform, contact us anytime, and we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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