Germany to Make Medicinal Cannabis Legal in 2017

Germany to Make Medicinal Cannabis Legal in 2017

In “hey, forget about all that other stuff – we’re cool now!” news, this week Germany’s health minister announced that medicinal cannabis will be made legal early in 2017. Herman Gröhe drafted legislation to be put to the German cabinet and is confident it will be passed.

This isn’t tantamount to full-on recreational legalisation, of course, with Gröhe making it clear that the drug will only be available in pharmacies with a prescription, as it is “not an inoffensive substance”. In lieu of federal grow houses the medicinal weed will be imported from elsewhere. Three guesses where.

The steam train that is the liberation of medical cannabis rolls on worldwide after America took the lead in the 1990s, before a few South American nations followed. Cannabis is used to treat a variety of illnesses, including glaucoma and cancer, where the drug helps with the sickness associated with chemotherapy.

While the rest of the world moves forward, the UK trundles on and refuses to even properly discuss the matter in Parliament.

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