5 Simple Answers to Your Questions About Legalization of Marijuana

Questions About Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana Legalization is one of the hottest legal topics going on in our country today. These are five simple answers to your questions about legalization of marijuana.

1. How will the federal government protect sellers and growers, isn’t it illegal on a federal level?

Simply put, the federal government will not help to keep you safe since this is still illegal on a federal level and only a few states are legal. If you are caught selling outside of your legal state, you can and will be prosecuted.

2. What is Ohio’s Issue 3 and why are marijuana advocates against it? Isn’t it what they want?

Issue 3, if passed will have Marijuana only be able to be sold through several designated companies. Advocates do not want this because, though it would be legal, it would still limit the ability to sell and purchase the drug.

3. Won’t Edible Marijuana be too easily accessible to underage kids?

It depends on parents; young kids will not be able to buy these products; they will have the same protocols as liquor or cigarettes. However, kids can still get into parent’s stuff if they have it at home. Like all substances that are for adult consumption only, people will have to be careful with their edible products.

4. Will legal pot consumption just add to more accidents?

The amendments say that no person under the influence is allowed to operate machinery or drive a vehicle.

5. Can renters grow? 

The state laws all have similar rules that allow you to grow a very limited number of plants while renting a property, but the landlord still has to agree with it.

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